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How Often Should You Update Your Photos?

First impressions aren’t happening via handshakes any more. Your image is going to speak for you even before you enter a room. So, you better make sure it’s saying the right things!

You’re leaving first impressions every day – even as you read this – on social media, on your website, and in articles across the web. Having your best photo forward is not just an option — it’s a necessity.

The problem is that most women don’t know how often you need to update those photos that introduce you to the world. Well, I hear you! It’s my job to photograph women entrepreneurs and help them turn that first impression snapshot into their next opportunity. 

Here’s my pocket guide on how often to update your photos.


Atlanta Brand Photographer - how often to update your photos

Headshots are the most important photo to have. Ninety-nine percent of people are going to see your headshot before they meet you in person. That’s because your headshot gets used as your LinkedIn profile photo, on your website, on Instagram, on your business card – practically everywhere! It should be true to how you look if someone were to walk up to you right now. 

Lucky for you, it’s also the photo most women need to update the least. Unless your appearance changes often, you should keep the same profile photo for 1-2 years to gain brand recognition. (Yes, your face is your brand!) There are just a few notable exceptions. If you’ve changed your look significantly — think hair color changes, new glasses, or embracing your natural grey — a new photo is in order. Additionally, if you have a big launch on the horizon, an updated photo can make people pay more attention.

TL;DR Version

How often should you update your headshot? Every 1-2 Years

Exceptions to the Rule:

  • You dye your hair often
  • You get new glasses
  • You let your natural grey hair grow out
  • You have a big launch coming up

Website Images (Lifestyle Images & Branding)

Websites use a lot of photos to balance out their design. Headshots, lifestyle brand photos, product images, and more grace the “pages” of your online home. Each image on your site works hard to create a connection to the person on the other side. They need to stay fresh and current. Having the same images on your site for too long makes your business look static. (Plus, pro tip – updating your website photos is a great way to freshen up your site without an expensive website redesign!) 

Aim to update your website images every two years or sooner.

As with headshots, there are some exceptions to this 2-year rule. You’ll need to update your website photos more often if you blog or if you create new sales pages frequently. All these require a photo vault to keep from repeating images too many times. (Something people do notice!) You’ll also want to update your website photos often if you are regularly featured in articles and PR. Writers and PR professionals pull from your website first and ask permission afterward. Don’t ruin a great media moment with an outdated hairdo and images from 4 years ago!

TL;DR Version

How often should you update your website photos? Every 2 Years

Exceptions to the Rule:

  • Your appearance significantly changes
  • You have a big launch coming up
  • You post to social media often
  • You need new lifestyle branding photos
  • You blog regularly

Social Media Profile Photos & Images

How often to get brand-photos taken for social media
how often to take photos for instagram

As I said, your profile photo should be your best headshot. My general rule is to keep the same profile photo for 1-2 years for better brand recognition. The photos on your feed are an entirely different story. These photos should be updated the most. If posting to social media frequently is part of your brand, you may want to plan regular photoshoots to give you enough variety to keep your feed fresh. Your followers will notice if you’re using the same photos, with the same 1-2 outfits, too much. 

For entrepreneurs who post on social media frequently, get fresh brand photos taken quarterly. If you’re an executive or someone who posts less frequently, update your photos yearly. 

To my entrepreneurs, my advice to you is to plan ahead. Ask your branding photographer how many outfits you can include in the session. Aim to get enough variety to last you a whole quarter. If they offer Quarterly Photo Subscriptions then consider signing up! You’ll be able to pre-schedule all the sessions you need, without the hassle of remembering to check in throughout the year.

TL;DR Version

How often should you update your social media photos? Quarterly for entrepreneurs. Yearly for executives or those who post on social media less often.

My “Make Your Life Easier’ Advice: Get on a quarterly subscription with your favorite photographer.

Do New Photos Make Or Break Your Brand?

Absolutely. Your photos work to sell your value and connection 24/7. People want to see a variety of expressions, outfits, and images of you in the wild (aka, lifestyle images) to get to know, like, and trust you. There’s a reason why images with your face do better. People like you! Updating your photos regularly is just part of pushing your brand forward.

And, you don’t even have to take my word for it. As a brand photographer, I’m biased. Guilty! If you want to see why real women are getting updated photos then head over to this article. You’ll see how my clients’ images are being used to create first impressions online. Then, let’s sit down and plan to update your photos. It’s time!

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